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Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | November 26th, 2009
  • Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Planning on seeing anything amazing soon? Don’t forget to use the code TURKYDAYZ at… #
  • Nickelback has just announced the 2010 North American leg of their Dark Horse World Tour – fans get ready to watch for those tickets! #

Sports Fansite Contest Winners Announced!

By Amy | November 16th, 2009

All right, the contest has ended, and it’s time to announce the winners!

There are three separate prizes of two sports tickets each. The first prize is for the site with the most votes, and with 71 votes, the winner of those two tickets is, run by Dan Doering! Congrats to Dan, who did a really impressive job mobilizing his fans to come vote throughout the week.

I also want to take a moment to congratulate, run by Chris Lavendier, on coming in second with 28 votes, as well as give a nod to, and on filling out the top 5 spots with 25 votes, 17 votes, and 16 votes respectively.

So on to the second and third prize of two sports tickets each, awarded through a random drawing taken from all 210 total votes. And the randomly drawn vote was… (insert drum roll here)… Melissa Lynn Werner, voting for! That means two tickets for Melissa as the randomly drawn voter, and two tickets for, run by Rick Werner, as the site mentioned in the randomly drawn vote. Congratulations to Melissa and Rick on those tickets!

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | November 16th, 2009
  • It's almost the end… just under 2 and a haf hours left to get in your last votes on the sports site contest! No… #
  • And… votes are closed! Best of luck to everyone in the random drawing, which will take place Monday morning…. #

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | November 14th, 2009
  • Several of Elton John and Billy Joel’s concerts have been postponed due to E. Coli and influenza – if you hold… #
  • To VoodooFest and beyond – KISS Tickets are available now! #
  • Win 2 sports tickets just by voting for your favorite sports site on our facebook page! Eligible sites listed here: #
  • A few people have reported not being able to leave wall posts – if you’re trying to vote and can’t leave a wall… #
  • Britney Spears’ twitter account hacked, peppered with Satanist messages. More proof that some people really need better hobbies… #
  • Denzel Washington graces the stages of Broadway in 2010 in the play “Fences.” Sweet. #

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | November 13th, 2009
  • is leading in our contest, followed by Steelheadz of VA and Add your vote! #
  • If you're a sports or entertainment page and you'd like to be listed as a "Favorite Page" on the Coast to Coast… #
  • Votes will be accepted until 11:59pm Sunday night, Nov. 15th, so keep voting once per day for your favorite site… #
  • Enter to win 2 free sports tickets just by voting for your favorite sports site on our facebook wall! More info: #

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | November 12th, 2009

Sports Fansite Contest Update

By Amy | November 11th, 2009

All right, it’s day 3 of the Sports Site contest, which means it’s time for an update!

We’ve had 86 votes total, representing 14 sites so far in those votes. A couple sites in particular are heading up the totals, including The Captain’s Deck,, Steelheadz of VA and Fenway Nation, putting them in the lead for the “Most Votes” prize, but with 4 more voting days and a random drawing, everyone’s still got a chance to win! Note – we’ve had a couple people voting more than once per day, so keep in mind that only one vote per day will be counted! (The extra votes are pretty and all, but they won’t give you — or the site you’re voting for — any extra chances to win. Sorry.)

If you run one of the eligible sites, don’t forget to let your readers know they can win tickets by voting for you – and even if you don’t run a site (heck, even if you don’t READ a sports site), check out the eligible site list here and vote!

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | November 11th, 2009
  • CTC Sports Site Contest – ELIGIBLE SITE LIST #
  • It's day two of our sports site contest – come vote for your favorite sports site from our list of eligible sites… #
  • Also – in case anyone's not sure whether you have to post as a separate wall post, or whether you can leave a… #
  • Need a Lady Gaga fix? She's #2 on the heat index for current concert tours, so she's definitely doing something right! #
  • Just over an hour to get in your votes for day two of the contest… check out the sites in the eligible site list… #
  • It's day three of our 7-day contest – be sure to vote for your favorite sports site once per day from the list on… #

Sports Site Contest Starts TODAY!

By Amy | November 9th, 2009

Our Coast to Coast Tickets sports fansite contest is officially on, which means you can win free sports tickets JUST BY VOTING for your favorite site! Easy as that.

Check out the sites below, and leave a comment on OUR Facebook wall at telling us your favorite site from the list (make sure to include the URL so there’s no question as to which site you’re voting for). You can do this once per day, per person – and at the end of the day on Sunday, Nov 15, we’ll pick one vote from random. If it’s yours, you’ll win 2 free sports tickets – AND the site you voted for wins 2 free sports tickets too! One site per vote please.


Here are the eligible sites (listed in order of registration):

Fenway Nation –

Southern College Sports –

NCAA Autographs –

The Captains Deck –

Out of Bounds –

ACME Dodgers –

NFL Spot – –

Most Valuable Network –

Fire Brand of the American League –

Northside Baseball –

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | November 5th, 2009
  • Congratulations to the NY Yankees! #
  • Congratulations to the New York Yankees! I'd like to feature a blog post about the win on the official blog – would… #
  • @CityHullSteve Hey Steve! Depends on the artist, really – they're all different. Here's a link to our June events in NY (page may be slow) in reply to CityHullSteve #