Sports Fansite Contest Winners Announced!

By Amy | November 16th, 2009

All right, the contest has ended, and it’s time to announce the winners!

There are three separate prizes of two sports tickets each. The first prize is for the site with the most votes, and with 71 votes, the winner of those two tickets is, run by Dan Doering! Congrats to Dan, who did a really impressive job mobilizing his fans to come vote throughout the week.

I also want to take a moment to congratulate, run by Chris Lavendier, on coming in second with 28 votes, as well as give a nod to, and on filling out the top 5 spots with 25 votes, 17 votes, and 16 votes respectively.

So on to the second and third prize of two sports tickets each, awarded through a random drawing taken from all 210 total votes. And the randomly drawn vote was… (insert drum roll here)… Melissa Lynn Werner, voting for! That means two tickets for Melissa as the randomly drawn voter, and two tickets for, run by Rick Werner, as the site mentioned in the randomly drawn vote. Congratulations to Melissa and Rick on those tickets!

We’ll be contacting Dan, Melissa and Rick within the next day to arrange the selection of their tickets – and thanks so much to everyone else who and voted! We particularly enjoyed seeing all the sites get a little extra publicity, since these are some of the sites who have helped spread the word for us over the last several years to get us where we are today.

So thanks again, and hope to see you all back next time as well!

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