All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go?

By Amy | December 11th, 2009

To help you plan out some glad tidings for you and your kin, we’ve compiled a list of holiday events, and as you’ve already guessed, we’ve got tickets for them all at Coast to Coast!

Let’s start with the granddaddy of all Christmas shows, or the Radio City Christmas Spectacular! 2008 was the largest production in the show’s 77-year history, and this year’s tour has expanded to 31 cities, making it the most cities ever visited in one season! You can catch this year’s show, featuring the Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, a tour of Santa’s workshop, a Living Nativity, and of course the stunning Rockettes in its home location of New York’s Radio City Music Hall, as well as Louisville, Cincinnati, Nashville, Lexington, Grand Prairie, Greenville, Seattle, Fairfax and Baltimore – just to  name a few. Then again, maybe none of those are close enough? Well, if you’re in Atlantic City, you can catch the Spirit of Christmas at the Atlantic City Hilton, complete with your favorite Christmas songs, dazzling costumes and high-kicking chorus girls.

In Redding, CA and York, PA?  Celtic Christmas brings native Irish storytelling featuring Grammy-award winning guitar, haunting vocals, Irish fiddles, world-champion level Irish dancers and more to the stage in your hometown!

There’s always room for new traditions, but some classics are just too good to let go of. San Diego and Los Angeles residents can cheer on the effusively happy Whos against the mean and grumpy Grinch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, a magical and humorous holiday tale, and if you’re in Nashville, you can catch A Christmas Story on stage on Dec 19th. (Do we really need to tell you how funny this one is? Just be sure not to yell “You’ll poke your eye out!” loudly enough to bug the people in front of you.) And for those of you who got teary-eyed every time that sad little tree bent under the weight of its giant ornament, don’t miss A Charlie Brown Christmas in Easton, MD at the Avalon Theater on Dec 13.

If you’re looking to broaden your Christmas repertoire with a Holiday story you haven’t seen before, The Christmas Voyager might fit that bill at Westchester Broadway Theater in NY from Dec 2 – 27. In this show, a star voyager journeys through time to find that first Christmas night – and you’ll be there to witness it! In a similar vein, Simply Christmas is a musical program that takes audiences through time to Christmas celebrations at various periods in history. Catch it in Branson, MO. And then there’s Christmas Is… playing in Glendora, CA, the most popular show of the year from the Citrus College Performing Arts Dept. This one features a live orchestra, the Citrus Singers and more in a humorous story of three overworked elves. (Just remember that next time your kids try to send a 9-page wish list to Santa.)

We all know someone who can’t help but be that guy in the back of the audience always yelling something out during a show. If you have to take him to a show this year, save yourself some embarrassment and pick a show that ASKS for audience participation, like Sister’s Christmas Catechism, a holiday mystery playing in Milwaukee, New York and Austin, TX that promises to keep audiences engaged, participating and in stitches throughout the show. Another participatory option is A Christmas Tradition if you’re anywhere near Savannah, GA, where you’ll find holiday glitz and glitter, with a touch of humor and audience participation. Does your overly eager friend like to sing? Take him to the Holiday Singalong with David Prather and the Angeles Chorale at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

We’re grouping a bunch of shows by type in this post, but just to show how off-the-charts funny this one is, it gets its own paragraph. If you’ve ever seen any of the Tuna shows, you already know what a riot they are. If you haven’t, then get on it. Playing in Norfolk, VA and Portland, OR this season is a Tuna Christmas, where it’s 24 hours before Christmas and everything that could go wrong… is. This sequel to Greater Tuna is easily one of the funniest holidays shows ever produced, and not to be missed!

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