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By admin | May 27th, 2010
  • U2 is great! U2 is amazing! U2 is… not coming to the States this year. ๐Ÿ™ #

U2 postpones entire US summer tour

By Amy | May 26th, 2010

U2 is amazing, they’re huge, they’re fabulous, they’re BIG – and they’re not coming to America this year. ๐Ÿ™

Bono’s recent back problems, including compression of the sciatic nerve, a torn ligament and a herniated disc prompted a trip to the surgeon and a last-minute pull from the Glastonbury Music Festival in Europe, but the latest news takes it a bit further. Bono’s spinal surgery will require a minimum of 8 weeks to recover, meaning that U2’s North American tour, scheduled to hit US shores later this summer, will now be postponed until 2011.

We’re sad too. But hold onto your tickets, because they will be good for the new dates – and join us in wishing Bono a speedy and full recovery.

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | May 22nd, 2010

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | May 20th, 2010

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | May 14th, 2010

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | May 13th, 2010
  • Ron White hits Flagstaff, May 13th! Tickets available here: #
  • Bret Michaels' May 14 concert cancelled. Honestly, it did seem a little soon to resume his shows, given his recent… #

Bret Michaels’ May 14 concert cancelled

By Amy | May 12th, 2010

Anyone who’s been watching the news lately has seen coverage of Bret’s close call – wasn’t it only a couple weeks ago no one was sure whether Bret would live? No sooner do we all breathe a sigh of relief than he’s back on his feet – AND back to his tour! Take a rest, Bret… we’ll be here when you get back. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom released this press release today:

Rocker Bret Michaels will not perform at his previously scheduled engagement at the Casino Ballroom this Friday, May 14. Although his prognosis for the future is good, Mr. Michaels is still recovering from his much publicized health issues. The Casino Ballroom and Bretโ€™s management team are working to reschedule the date.

If the date is rescheduled tickets for the May 14 performance will be honored for the new date. If the date cannot be rescheduled, or if ticket holders do not want to hold their tickets until a make up date is scheduled, refunds are now available at the point of purchase.

โ€œOur main concern is for Bretโ€™s long term health. We hope to have a new date confirmed this week, but everyone wants to make sure Bret remains on the right path with his health.โ€ โ€“Fred Schaake, GM Casino Ballroom

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | May 12th, 2010

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | May 11th, 2010

It’s NBA Semi-Finals time!

By Amy | May 10th, 2010

Itโ€™s time for the NBA Conference Semi-Finals, and the action is heating up!

In the Eastern Conference, the Cleveland Cavaliers conquered the Chicago Bulls to take on the Boston Celtics (who beat the Miami Heat), while the Atlanta Hawks defeated the Milwaukee Bucks to take on the Orlando Magic (who took out the Charlotte Bobcats). In the Western Conference, the LA Lakers beat the Oklahoma City Thunder to go up against the Utah Jazz (who took out the Denver Nuggets), and the Phoenix Suns have just conquered the San Antonio Spurs.

Coast to Coast has plenty of NBA Finals and NBA Playoffs tickets available, and since playoffs and finals tickets ARE refundable for playoffs and finals games that arenโ€™t played, you can feel comfortable securing your tickets now!

(As a note, if your game isn’t played and you need a refund, make sure to ask about your supplier’s return policy, since you may need to send the tickets back before your refund can be issued! Call us and we’ll walk you through the details.)

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