Holiday Theatre Time

By David Jacobs | November 15th, 2012

This Thursday the Broadway stage will be treated to a unique treat when the highly anticipated new production Scandalous: The Life and Trial of Aimee Semple; a new musical from the creative minds of Kathie Lee Gifford, David Friedman and David Pomeranz. The production promises to bring a form of entertainment to the stage unlike one that has ever been seen before as it mixes together religion, drugs, sex, romance and the trials and tribulations of celebrity life. After a series of successful preview dates, the show will enjoy its official opening at the Neill Simon Theatre this week. The production received a slight delay after the November 14th scheduled opening of the play was moved back following a vocal issue with lead Carolee Carmello. Fortunately for fans, after the day long delay, Carmello announced she would be retuning to the stage and that the opening would be on November 15th.

While this premier promises to be one Broadway fans won’t soon forget, those who are looking for some pre-holiday entertainment will also have plenty to see in the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Although there will be no productions on the actual day of Thanksgiving there are plenty of Broadway productions that will get theater goers in the mood for the holidays playing on the eve of Thanksgiving. Those who are looking for a play to get the whole family together in time for the holidays can see special afternoon and evening productions of The Lion King. This family family production, and one of the highest grossing Broadway musicals of all time will be playing in time for the holidays, as will several special holiday-only productions running just for the holiday season.

A live musical production of A Christmas Story will be held during the week of Thanksgiving through the holiday season and the New Year as it provides a unique opportunity for the whole family to see this famed holiday tale told live with fantastic costumes, a new and original score as well as plenty of singing and dancing to get the whole family ready for the holiday season. Tickets are now on sale to see A Christmas Story live just in time for the holiday season.

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