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By David Jacobs | November 20th, 2012

This weekend, several big live musical productions will be appearing on the Broadway stages just in time for the holiday season. The highly anticipated world premier of The Twenty Seventh Man, a stage production that has been adapted from author Nathan Englander’s short story of the same title opened on November 18th at The Public Theater in New York City. Currently the production is slated to run through December 9th. The production, which takes place in a Soviet prison in 1952, will be performed under the production of Barry Edelstein. Tickets are on sale for the production now. However, since the play is only slated to run through December 8th at this date.

New York isn’t the only place where big productions have premiered this week. The highly anticipated Rocky the Musical made its world premiere this week of November 18th. The production is co-produced by the star of the original Rocky movies. The production was written in English and then translated into German, providing some unique challenges for actors, however, the original English version was written for a reason. The musical is headed for the Broadway stage in 2013. Those who want to see the production live in Germany through the end of year can buy tickets to see the musical now. The announcement about the 2013 intended release in the United States was released this week and while tickets have not officially gone on sale yet, those looking to get tickets to this production should expect tickets to go on sale in 2013.

Meanwhile in the United States at NYC’s Signature Theatre Company, a Pulitzer-Prize winning play had its own on stage debut. November 18th marked officially the opening of The Piano Lesson, a production created by the late August Wilson and that features a family legacy, ghosts and mystery. The play features a selection of top actions including Eric Lenox Abrams, Chuck Cooper and Jason Dirden. Currently the play is scheduled for an extended run to December 16th although more dates may be added to the production. Tickets are currently on sale and fall under the new Signature Ticket Initiative: A Generation of Access; and will be offered for discounted prices. In order to get tickets to this award winning production, theater-goers are encouraged to act fast.

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