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Chicagoans Love Their Sports Teams
By David Jacobs | March 10th, 2014

You can take the Chicagoan out of Chicago but you can’t take Chicago out of the Chicagoan. Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world. There is something about Chicago…something about the heart of the people here. Where that heart comes from is not 100% clear – but this is a city that rebuilt itself from the ground up after the catastrophic Great Chicago Fire – it’s literally been built on perseverance, tradition, and history which is exactly what its sports teams have been built on as well.

When it comes to professional sports teams in Chicago, they may have some of the best fans in the world. Why?

It starts with the love of the city. Chicagoans love their teams because they love their hometown. Los Angeles and New York get all the publicity while Chicago is the “forgotten city.” Inferiority complex? Possibly. But it’s like a badge of honor to be the underdog. It makes it that much sweeter when their sports teams are victorious since others aren’t expecting it.

Chicago Sports

Chicago fans always find common ground. Sure there may be a rivalry between Cubs fans and White Sox fans but it’s a beautiful thing to see them come together to cheer on their Chicago Bears, their Chicago Blackhawks, and their Chicago Bulls. Chicagoans bond over their teams and it’s evident from the moment you step into this great city. No one cheers harder than Chicago fans. And no one celebrates harder than them. This was apparent from the turnout of the Blackhawks 2013 championship parade in Grant Park where over 2 million people came to show their love and support for their beloved hockey team.

Chicago sports fans are tough. They endure long brutal winters that seem to never end. When some Chicagoans move to warmer climates because they can’t handle the cold, the strong that stay behind mutter to themselves, “Its good you left since you can’t handle it.” This is how die-hard Chicagoans are about their teams too. They stick with them through the tough, never-ending, losing battles they go through until that one day they’re built back up to the best sports team in the world. Look at the Chicago Bulls – perfect example. Michael Jordan left, everyone thought that Chicago basketball was done for. But through faith, commitment, and an undying hope, Chicago fans got to taste the sweet victory of Derrick Rose. Sure it may have been short-lived, but Chicago basketball fans know they’ll be at the top again once Rose is fully recovered. Until then, heart is what’s keeping the Bulls alive today. The players – and the fans – have heart.

Chicago is all about heart. This great city has been blessed with great athletes across all teams to play their games. When pro athletes get drafted here – they play with all their heart. Chicago’s heart for their sports teams is infectious – it’s only natural for the teams’ players to play with everything they’ve got. They see their fans commitment and heart…and the rest is history – in the making.

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David Jacobs
David Jacobs is a serial entrepreneur from Chicago with deep ties in the secondary ticket industry. David currently is partners in Lockdown Bar & Grill, Fatso's Last Stand, California Studios and Coast To Coast Tickets. When not spending time with his family, David spends most of his time working on the marketing for coasttocoasttickets.com.
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