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Archive for April, 2014

Music News and Updates

By David Jacobs | April 12th, 2014

Last week, country superstar Jason Aldean made a stop during his tour event to perform at the March Madness Music Festival. However, the award-winning performer has revealed that he is pushing forward with his domestic tour, starting with his next performance on April 13th at the Country Thunder in Florence, Arizona. Thanks to the tremendous success of his current outing, the singer has also added a handful of additional tour stops to his current jaunt, as he brings his high energy performance style to more fans from around the globe.

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According to his announcement, the singer will be stopping on June 6th for an appearance at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville. Then the singer will be heading to Country on the River in Wisconsin and finally headlining a new concert event in Toronto, Ontario on August 28th. These dates and others along the tour schedule feature special performances from hit artists, including Miranda Lambert, Florida Georgia Line and Tyler Farr. Tickets are on sale now for these newly added dates and other performances along Aldean’s massive tour event. However, those looking to see the concert live will want to act fast as Aldean is known for being able to sell out massive arenas quickly.

JT and Sir Paul Summer Tours

By David Jacobs | April 11th, 2014

With the summer concert tour season coming ahead, there have been several announcements regarding the plans for upcoming tours. One of the big announcements of the week came from singer and performer Justin Timberlake. The platinum selling pop artist revealed that he will be expanding his current highly successful tour as he widens his “20/20 Experience” outing. After months on the road, the singer has revealed the addition of an Australian leg of the tour along with another round of arena stops throughout the United States. When Timberlake made the announcement he revealed he would be adding six sops throughout Australia, as well as an additional 14 tour stops in North America. The new leg starts on November 20th with a show in Portland, Oregon. From there, Timberlake will continue on and finish the rest of the tour, staying on the road until his final tour stop in Duluth, Georgia. Tickets are on sale now for the newly announced stops along the 20/20 Experience outing for those who are looking to see Timberlake take the stage live.

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Aerosmith and More!

By David Jacobs | April 10th, 2014

This week, there were several major announcements regarding upcoming tour outings, beginning with an announcement from hit singer Robyn. The long time performer revealed she will be heading out on the road this summer with the Swedish group Royksopp. The two acts will join forces to tour around Europe and to head out on a short leg across the United States. This US outing will include stops in major markets such as Boston, New York and LA. During the European leg of the tour, the acts will be stopping in places such as England, Norway, Bacelona and more. Tickets for the US portion of the tour go on sale April 9th to the public for those looking to see these two high energy acts perform together live.

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Another major announcement this week came from the iconic rock group, Aerosmith. The rock veterans revealed that they will be hitting the road this summer in a brand new tour event. The band will be joined on the road by special guest guitarist Slash for a major tour that will take them to some of the biggest markets in the United States. The new tour will feature some of the band’s biggest hits to date as well as some of their newest songs, all performed live.

April Music News

By David Jacobs | April 7th, 2014

The week, as more announcements regarding music festivals continues to hit the industry, a new announcement abot Summer Jam 2014 were revealed. According to the team behind the music festival, th event will be bringing in some major headlining acts. This year’s Hot 97 Summer Jam will be featuring headlining acts from Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Nas and others. The concert will be taking place at the Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on Sunday June 1st. According to the announcement, fans of these acts can expect to hear some special sneak peak performances of some of these bands’ upcoming new songs and albums, all performed live. Tickets are on sale now and available to the public for those looking to see all of the action unfold in person.

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Fans of the hit ABC drama, “Nashville,” will be pleased to find out that the cast of the prime-time country soap opera will be going on tour for a short outing this spring. All of the stars of the mega hit will be performing on stage in an exciting new event that will even feature some of the show’s breakout stars, with music careers of their own, such as Charles Esten, Jonathan Jackson and Sam Pallido. The tour starts on April 25h at Joe’s Bar in Chicago and will also feature stops at Lincoln Thater in Washington and the Best Buy Theater in New York. Tickets went on sale this past Friday and seats are still available for those who are looking to see the show live.

2013-2014 NBA season in full swing

By David Jacobs | April 6th, 2014

With the 2013-2014 NBA season in full swing, fans of the National Basketball League are just getting in to the mid-season excitement as the post-season quickly approaches. This season has already been one filled with upsets and surprising twists and turns. For many, this season would mark the long-awaited return of Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose. However, shortly into this season, the star point guard was hurt once again, leaving him out of play for the rest of the season. However, Derrick Rose isn’t the only superstar that has dealt with injuries this season. Several big name players have dealt with their own minor injuries that have left them out of major games this season. This includes Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin and Dwayne Wade. However, when the post season rolls around, fans can expect most of these key players to return, fully rested and ready for the end of season.

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April Showers Bring Summer Theatre

By David Jacobs | April 5th, 2014

There were several big announcements this week from the world of live theatre, beginning with an announcement about the live production of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple. This much talked about production will include performances from big names in the industry such as Noah Racey, Jennifer Cody and Erin Lindsey. The show will be led by Tony award winner Michael McGrath as Oscar Madison. Performances will begin on April 22nd for the show. Tickets to see this production are on sale now and available to the public.

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However, one of the biggest announcements from the world of live theater came from the production Jesus Christ Superstar. The team behind the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice production just revealed that they will be bringing the tour across North America in a massive new outing. The tour will be led by actor Ben Forster, who played the role of Jesus in the UK version of the tour. He will be joined on stage by Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child who will play the role of Mary Magdalene. NSYNC’s JC Chasez will also be joining the cast in the role of Pontius Pilot. Rounding out the all-star cast will be John Lydon from the Sex Pistols who will be acting as King Herod and Brandon Boyd from Incubus who will be taking on the role of Judas. With an all star cast behind the production, there has been a great deal of talk about the play and about the new North American production.

Lebowski Festival, The Eagles and More

By David Jacobs | April 5th, 2014

This week, there were several major announcements regarding upcoming concert festivals, shows and tours, beginning with a major announcement regarding the highly anticipated Lebowski Festival. This annual festival, based off the hit movie “The Big Lebowski,” is held every year in Los Angeles, California. The movie’s lead actor Jeff Bridges and his band “Abiders” have just revealed that they are set to headline the festival this year. The event will be taking place in April at the Wiltern Theatre in LA. The Kyle Gass Band, which features one of the singers from Tenacious D will open up for the group. Tickets are on sale now and available to the public for those who want to see this concert and a screening of the movie live.

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Another big announcement this week came from the rock band Vampire Weekend. The hit group has just revealed that they will be extending their current tour outing after selling out many of the shows already on their summer schedule. The band is currently touring around the United States in support of their album “Modern Vampires of the City.” The new announcement has the rockers confirming ten additional stops along their tour, starting with a performance in Oklahoma City on June 1st and an appearance at the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, TN on June 13th. The Grammy-award winning band is also heading to South America before their return to the United States for their summer tour. Tickets for the newly announced shows are on sale now, but fans are encouraged to act quickly as this group is known for selling out their appearances quickly.

2014 National Hockey League season is in full swing

By David Jacobs | April 4th, 2014

The 2014 National Hockey League season is in full swing, and the post-season playoffs are quickly approaching, having many hockey fans excited about what the coming weeks hold. With the Stanley Cup quickly approaching, many of the league’s top teams are vying for a spot in the Stanley Cup. One of the biggest match ups in preparing for the Stanley Cup featured the Chicago Blackhawks against the Boston Bruins. This was the official matchup last year for the Stanley Cup finals and is a game that many people believe will be a Stanley Cup preview for this year’s final. Ultimately, the Bruins walked away with the victory.

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Currently the Boston Bruins are the winningest team in the league. They are also at the head of the Eastern Conference. With the current Eastern Conference competition relatively week in this conference, the Boston Bruins are still expected to walk away with the top spot in their conference. The Chicago Blackhawks are another heavily favored team in the NHL, and while they are in the notoriously difficult Western Conference, they are still expected to find success in the post-season. As the league’s defending champions, many are expecting big things from the Blackhawks as they make their way towards another Stanley Cup victory.

Nascar Season Is Here

By David Jacobs | April 3rd, 2014

As NASCAR officially enters the heart of its season, there are many racing fans looking to see who will emerge as the leader of this season. As the highly watched Sprint Cup Series has been officially unfolding, NASCAR fans have been treated to one of the most exciting and unpredictable seasons in recent years. There have been six different races so far in the series, and fans have seen six different winners emerge. This has been both an unlikely and unusual occurrence and one that has proven that in NASCAR virtually anything is possible. One of the most recent win came at the Martinsville Speedway when Kurt Busch walked away in the top spot, much to the surprise of fans.


While there have only been six races so far in the Sprint Cup series, fans are already wondering what will happen at the end of the season after 26 races have been completed. If this keeps up, what will happen when NASCAR has to narrow down the field to the 16 top racers, if more than 16 drivers have run races. In the past single victories have almost always guaranteed drivers a spot in the end of season race-off, but with the current season going the way it has been, there could be winning drivers who do not make the cut.

MLB Season Is In Full Affect

By David Jacobs | April 3rd, 2014

For baseball fans, April 1st was a great day as it was the official Opening Day of the season. Thousands of fans from all over the country went to their local ballparks to celebrate the home openers of their favorite teams. With the Major League Baseball season now in full swing, there are many excited about the 2014 season and what it may entail. With an exciting and often unpredictable 2013 now in the books, there are many already speculating about the twists and turns that this season has in store for fans.

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Spectators can expect a big season ahead as it is clear that fans are already clamoring for the return of baseball. According to statistics about the 2014 spring season, fans made it a record setting Spring Training season around the league. The kick off of the season didn’t disappoint either. Pitchers Wade Miley and Scott Feldman helped the Diamondbacks and Astros (respectively) pull out a win for their opening day events. While the A’s experienced their first rain out since 1998 on their opening day. The Rangers pulled off their first win of the season with a walk-off win on their home opening night, while the Orioles, a dark horse favorite for the season, also pulled off a win at home.

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