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Archive for December, 2017


By David Jacobs | December 15th, 2017

We all enjoy a good dinner and a Broadway show. It’s one of the best things that you can do for weekend entertainment.

One of the nice things about being able to see the shows are the fact that you can buy play tickets online or at a discount depending on where you decide to purchase them.

However, there are some rules of thumb that are helpful. Not everyone is going to be able to have a prime seat in the center orchestra section of the theater. Some people do not care to be in the first two rows of that section because they feel it’s too close to the performance. Although orchestra seating may be a preferable location it still may end up not being so prime especially if your seat runs under the mezzanine or is too far away from center stage. For example, it could be located on the upper level and in the back. So before purchasing tickets, take a look at the theatre’s map to determine the seating and how far from the stage you will be sitting before you actually purchase the ticket.