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Archive for January, 2018


By David Jacobs | January 16th, 2018

When you want to attend a Broadway show there are many different ways that you can acquire tickets.

Not everyone is able to spend the high cost that prime seat tickets cost in order to see the show. However, if you are diligent enough to do extensive online searches for the tickets of your choice you may be able to find that you can strike a good deal.

There are also other means of purchasing tickets at reasonable prices. If you happen to live in New York City you have a very good opportunity to be able to attend what is known in the Big Apple as a ticket lottery. This is where you submit your name and hope that it gets drawn. The best way to enter is by showing up at least a couple hours before the start of the show in order to enter your name. One look around will let you know that you have a lot of competitors hoping for the same chance to win. And you need to be present in order to claim the tickets for the show.