Coast to Coast Winners’ Circle

We love happy customers, and very little makes a customer happier than receiving a mail titled “You Just WON!” (Especially when it’s real and doesn’t involve a supposedly free iPod.)

Here’s a list of our winners so far (your name could be here too):

August 27, 2010
Congrats to our five winners in the CTC Scavenger Hunt! We gave out ten questions, all of which could be found by searching the Coast to Coast website, which all led to a single final question (the answer was Brad Paisley, in case you’re curious). The hunt took only 38 minutes total, and the five winners were, in order:

Stefan Knaller, $150 gift card
Michelle Munroe, $100 gift card
Hunter Warne, $75 gift card
Stacy Bradbury, $50 gift card
Chris Barsoum, $25 gift card

Congrats again! We enjoyed making up the hunt, and look forward to doing another one similar.

May 7, 2010
Congratulations to Daniel Abrigg, winner of our graphic design contest and a $200 Coast to Coast Tickets gift card! His western-themed design was a departure from our standard blue and green, but the polished design and creative thought behind it was too cool to pass up. Thanks so much to everyone who sent in their entries!

November 16, 2009
Congrats to the winners of our Sports Fansite Contest! For the site with the most votes, the prize of two sports tickets went to, run by Dan Doering! And the randomly drawn vote, winning two more sports tickets, was Melissa Lynn Werner, voting for, which means two tickets for Melissa, and two tickets for, run by Rick Werner.

October 12, 2009
Congrats to Adam Plitt on being our 1000th Facebook fan and walking away with a $50 gift code!

September 14, 2009
A BIG congratulations to Ryan Burkeen of Mexia, TX on winning two 6th row tickets to Blink 182 in a five-day, ten-question trivia contest on Facebook and Twitter!

August 23, 2009
Congrats to Ryan Wilson, our 700th Facebook fan, and winner of a $40 gift code!

August 12, 2009
Congrats to Matt Kissner on becoming our 2000th twitter follower, and winning a $50 gift code!

August 10, 2009
Congrats to Amy Torba, our 600th Facebook fan, and winner of a $40 gift code!

June 30, 2009
Congratulations to Dan McGowan, winner of a $200 gift card in our second contest! Dan linked to Coast to Coast Tickets in his posted review of a Mets vs. St. Louis game at Citi Field, making him eligible for a random drawing… and the rest was history.

May 7, 2009
Congratulations to Andrew G, winner of a $100 gift card in our very first Coast to Coast Tickets Facebook contest! Andrew was the lucky winner of a random drawing from our Facebook fans, and according to him, the proud owner-to-be of some sweet Yankees tickets.

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