Contest Details: CTC Scavenger Hunt/Trivia Contest

It’s been a while since we’ve given something away, and it’s about time! This week we’re having a trivia contest/scavenger hunt.

IMPORTANT: ALL answers can be found on the website, and in at least a couple cases, the answers can ONLY be found on the site.

Be sure to follow the directions for answer submission, found at the end of the hunt. The first FIVE correct submissions will receive a CTC gift card!

Here goes…

Q1: Sheryl Crow and Colbie Caillat are playing together in Los Angeles on September 10th. What theater will they play in?

Q2: In the theater from Q1, who is playing on October 8th?

Q3: Find the main band profile/ticket page on our site for the answer for Q2. According to our “Did You Know…” information, their fan base first started to grow when they toured with two other bands. What’s
the first band listed?

Q4: The answer to Q3 is playing a concert in California on September 18th. At the same venue as that concert, what comedian can we expect to find playing 5 days later, on September 23rd?

Q5: The comedian from Q4 is playing a VERY busy schedule this fall! What venue will they be playing on October 17th?

Q6: The musical artist playing at the venue from Q5 on November 20th is also playing a 3-day music festival this year. What is the festival?

Q7: The city where the festival is being held has a popular NFL football team. Who will that team be playing on November 25th?

Q8: The answer to Q7 is going up against another NFL team on September 26th. What is that NFL team’s home stadium?

Q9: The stadium answer to Q8 will feature a Disney event in 2011. Look at the listings for that Disney event. What’s the first date listed for that event at that stadium?

Q10: Last question! Subtract one year from the date in Q9 and look up the post from that date in the Coast to Coast official blog. Who’s the only musical artist specifically mentioned by name?

Now follow the directions on that post to submit your answer. Speed is of the essence, so good luck!!

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