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Scavenger Hunt/Trivia Contest Time!

By Amy | August 25th, 2010

All right – here we go! Today we’re giving away $400 in gift cards to the first five people ($150, $100, $75, $50 and $25 respectively) who solve our trivia contest/scavenger hunt, and who post the answer correctly. The answers are ALL found on the CoasttoCoastTickets.com website! If anyone uses a source other than our site for answers and ends up with different answers than what we intended… then you shoulda used our site. You have been forewarned. :)

Questions are found here. Go!

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By admin | August 25th, 2010
  • Looking at the last newsletter's unsubscribe stats, it seems many people didn't find the pigeon poop story as… http://fb.me/HFFEKtSH #
  • Looking
    at the last newsletter's unsubscribe stats, it seems a few people didn't
    find the pigeon poop story as… http://fb.me/BYmSaTh9 #
  • Looking at the last newsletter's unsubscribe stats, it seems a few people didn't find the Kings of Leon/pigeon… http://fb.me/FDnVINIT #
  • Have you read your newsletter today? :) #

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By admin | August 24th, 2010
  • Only 2 fans away from hitting 2600! I remember when we were excited to hit 100 and get to choose our custom page… http://fb.me/uTK9Sh5H #

BCS predictions already? Not really, but it’s fun to talk about.

By Amy | August 23rd, 2010

With the college year ramping up, it’s only a matter of time before the pennants start flying in earnest. So who are the teams thought to have a chance at next spring’s BCS Championship Game? The Crimson Tide again, perhaps, or the Texas Longhorns? Maybe not.

According to Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated, there are plenty of unranked teams with real promise. Arizona State Wildcats could have a good chance this year, thanks to some good transfers and high-calibre players. The UConn Huskies also stand a good chance, as well as the Boston College Eagles, the Purdue Boilermakers and the Navy Midshipmen. Think this will be the year of the underdog? We’d love to hear your opinions over on our Facebook wall!

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By admin | August 21st, 2010
  • It's been a while since we've given something away, hasn't it? I won't give it all away just yet, but I *will* say… http://fb.me/FRraIriT #

Kings of Leon coming back to finish the show!

By Amy | August 18th, 2010

Looks like those who experienced Pigeongate are in luck, as the Kings of Leon WILL be rescheduling their ill-fated show from last month! Fans who bought tickets to the July 23rd show at the Verizon Amphitheatre will have free entry to a newly scheduled show on September 25th in St. Louis. Notably, the new show will also also be at Verizon Amphitheatre, so we can only assume there’s been some pigeon-eviction notices served.

If you’re a ticket-holder for that July 23rd show, and you’re not sure what to do, call our customer service number at 1-866-353-5167 for the details on getting in to your free show.

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By admin | August 7th, 2010
  • Today's musical choice while working: Dave Matthews and Grateful Dead. It's a good afternoon. #

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By admin | August 6th, 2010
  • Okay, it's time to pick some brains. In our Google Adword research, we're finding that people like discount codes…. http://fb.me/EspGwbam #

A real tour for a virtual band?

By Amy | July 27th, 2010

Gorillaz fans may or may not be aware that while the music’s very real, the band itself isn’t – at least not in the way we think of bands. Gorillaz is a musical project created by musician Damon Albarn and cartoonist Jamie Hewlett, complete with four virtual band members who play on screen – but don’t exist in real life. According to Hewlett, the inspiration for the band came about as a way to comment on the lack of substance found in pop culture. Ironic, considering that their music would become a massive part of that pop culture!

Regardless, cartoon or not, their success is undeniable, and they’ll likely be coming to a city near you sometime this year! So far the announced tour dates include Australia and the U.K., but dates for North America and Asia are expected to be announced soon. If you’ve never seen a Gorillaz concert, we can assure you that Damon Albarn and his musical friends, along with plenty of video animation and artwork, will entertain in a big – and very real – way.

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By admin | July 27th, 2010
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