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Congrats to our newest winner…

By Amy | October 13th, 2009

Congratulations to Adam Plitt, our 1000th Facebook fan and winner of a $50 gift card! It’s only been this year that we’ve been giving away these milestone gift codes, and it’s been a quick and easy way to hand out a few bonuses to some of our most loyal customers. Keep on eye on the numbers and point your friends that way, and one of them could get lucky sometime soon!

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | October 10th, 2009

Sports Ticket Sweepstakes: Fans and Fansites

By Amy | October 8th, 2009

If you’re a real sports fan, you don’t just show it once a week during the big game! You keep up with team gossip, check standings often, and most of you have a favorite place online you can’t stay away from, whether it’s a mainstream sports site like ESPN, or a small fan page for your favorite team.

This next contest is for all of you – the sports fans AND the fansites who work so hard to keep you informed!

Beginning November 9 and lasting for one week, we’ll ask our Facebook fans to vote for their favorite sports or team-related fansite. At the end of the week, we’ll have a random drawing from all votes posted, and we’ll award two sports tickets to the winning voter, two more sports tickets for the website they voted for, and ANOTHER two tickets for the website that received the most votes throughout the week! That’s SIX TICKETS we’re giving away!

There’s plenty more details, so check the links below for the full details on how to win – and if you still have questions, ask away over at our Facebook page. We’re always listening. :)

Contest F.A.Q. for Sports Fans

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | October 8th, 2009
  • Still working up contest rules for the next giveaway, and the prize is our biggest yet! Give me a shout if you… http://bit.ly/26T0cA #
  • Remember that $25 discount code – FALLFORTIX, good through Oct 15? W've extended it through Oct. 22, so if you… http://bit.ly/4xCfRg #

Mini-giveaways galore!

By Amy | October 8th, 2009

Did you know that we’ve been giving away gift cards for milestone moments on our Facebook and Twitter accounts? We’re really close to our 1000th Facebook fan, and I’m holding onto a $50 gift code for that moment. If you have a friend who isn’t a fan yet, maybe this would be a good time to point them in the general direction of… oh… say… HERE?

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | October 2nd, 2009
  • A Steady Rain: the newest million-dollar Broadway play, or the current state of our hometown of Austin? Little of both: http://bit.ly/140OgF #
  • Also – I can't believe I just saw the words "After the killer eats the boy" in a Broadway play synopsis (see previous link). Yuck. #
  • Mamma Mia not enough ABBA? Two ex-members bring their Swedish musical Kristina to Carnegie: http://bit.ly/8vxUx #
  • For Kings of Leon, drinking, brawling all part of the fun – CNN.com http://bit.ly/qYhiI #
  • Kanye West's 'Fame Kills' tour meets swift death – CNN.com http://bit.ly/VtZ0U #
  • Favre not bringing the expected ticket price hikes: good news for fans: http://bit.ly/F4hLr #

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | September 30th, 2009
  • President Barack Obama looking to make 2016's Olympic games a big deal for Chicago: http://bit.ly/kf6E6 #
  • Lucy of 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' Fame has passed away (and I always thought the song was about LSD) – http://bit.ly/2IOjGx #
  • Ssshhhh! Miami Heat bans Twitter at work – ESPN http://bit.ly/cHTMx #
  • You know those weeks where things seem to just pile up? This is one of those, as ad creation has been pre-empting twitter. No fun at all! #
  • Hey everybody! We're getting awfully close to the 1000-fan mark, which I'd say calls for a celebration! How's a… http://bit.ly/3J4hQM #
  • Still a couple days left – use code SEPTEMTIX before Sept 30th for $25 off any order at coasttocoasttickets.com! #

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | September 25th, 2009
  • Muse finishing album just as they head out with U2 on tour. Our opinion? This is a headlining band, all the way. http://bit.ly/VPWM1 #
  • Top 10 Bald Musicians – The Y! Music Playlist Blog http://bit.ly/yBHrk #
  • Michael Jackson tribute postponed until 2010 – too many stars couldn't change schedules in time for Sep 26 event: http://bit.ly/2hsorV #

Twitter highlights from @CTCTickets

By admin | September 16th, 2009
  • Good grief… take a small twitter break over the weekend, and Kanye and Serena go nuts. #
  • Contest Wrap-Up: http://bit.ly/dC3uu #

Contest Winner Announced

By Amy | September 14th, 2009

In place of a Friday contest update, it’s the Monday winner’s announcement!

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the contest last week! After five days and ten questions, the winner of our trivia contest was Ryan Burkeen of Mexia, TX with 57 points – and as a Grand Prize, Ryan will be sitting 6th row at a Blink 182 concert ten days from now! (Not bad for just watching our Facebook and twitter feeds for a week and being quick with Google.)

For anyone who missed them the first time around, we’ll recap the last two questions:

Question #9: I’m sung by a band who has toured with Blink 182, and my lyrics include X-Men and a 12-sided die. What song am I?

Answer: Weezer’s song “In the Garage” features these lyrics: “I’ve got a twelve sided die – I’ve got Kitty Pride and Nightcrawler too, waiting there for me, yes I do.”

Question #10: George Bellamy of the UK band The Tornados had the first British single to ever hit number one on the US charts. Decades later, his son released a song widely thought to be inspired by that single. What was the name of the original single, and what was the song inspired by it?

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