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Posts Tagged ‘Denver Broncos’

Posts Tagged ‘Denver Broncos’

An Update On Denver Broncos Tickets In September

By David Jacobs | September 2nd, 2014

As we inch closer and closer towards the beginning of the NFL season, fans are eagerly buying their tickets to the opening games of the season. Expectations may not be higher for any team than the Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning has led a historic offense over the past two years, falling just short in the Super Bowl last year. Manning is still healthy and despite Wes Welker’s struggles to avoid concussions, the Broncos look primed for another successful season.

Broncos cheerleaders

With those high expectations, fans have been scouring the secondary market for affordable Broncos tickets. With two straight 13-3 finishes, chances are fans who visit Sports Authority Field this year will get to see a victory – and will get to watch an historic offense destroy all competition. More of the same could be coming and Denver fans seem fine with paying to see it happen in 2014.

We chronicled the early season matchups a few weeks ago here on the Coast to Coast Tickets Blog and have provided a further update on ticket prices below. Ticket prices have decreased for the matchup in Seattle, but have increased for the two home games. Now may just be the best time to grab your tickets for Denver’s Week 1 and Week 2 home games.

Super Bowl XLVIII Tickets

By David Jacobs | January 22nd, 2014

Every year in the United States, there is a single sporting event that somehow manages to outshine any other sporting event of the year. Annually, this one athletic display is the Super Bowl, the championship game of the National Football League. The first football game was played on January 15th, 1967, following the regular 1966 season. Since then this annual event has not only been one of the most televised sporting events year after year, but annually tickets to see the Super Bowl live have been some of the most coveted in the entire world. In addition to crowning the champion of the league for the year, the Super Bowl is known for having exciting live performances and a slew of events during the week that help celebrate this most honored football matchup.

Super Bowl XLVIII Logo

This year, marks yet another Super Bowl for football fans as Super Bowl XLVIII will officially take place on February 2nd, 2014. For fans of the sport this is one of the most unique Super Bowls in recent history as it will be held this year in New York City. This will be the first time in recent memory where the Super Bowl will be held at a ‘cold’ arena instead of in the south where temperatures are milder or in an arena that is domed or covered. This has many football fans worrying about poor weather conditions impacting the game. However, for those living in New York City, there is nothing but excitement buzzing about having this popular game being held in the Big Apple.

Let’s Get Ready For Football

By David Jacobs | September 4th, 2013

This weekend football fans were treated to the final games of the pre-season, as the league’s teams prepare for the official launch of the regular season this week. Tickets are now available for the regular season NFL games which will begin this Thursday, September 5th. The first game of the regular season will be taking place between the Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos. This first game of the season will be taking place in Denver and will match up Peyton Manning and his team with last year’s Super Bowl champions. Both teams have made some major changes to their lineups and are expected to make it into the post-season this year, meaning this is one matchup that football fans will not want to miss. Tickets are still available for those who want to see these two top teams face off.


After Thursday night’s matchup, on Sunday afternoon the rest of the season will be officially launching and the rest of the teams will be playing and showcasing their talent. Some of the biggest match ups this Sunday include the New England Patriots against the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo, and the Seattle Seahawks against the Panthers. Fans can also see the Miami Dolphins face off against the Browns in Cleveland. Another big Sunday afternoon matchup will put the Bengals against the Chicago Bears in Chicago

NFL 2013 Season

By David Jacobs | August 10th, 2013

This week marked the return of pre-season games for the official Nation Football League as different teams from around the league faced off and showed fans what they can expect from the different squads when the official season kicks off. While pre-season scrimmages are currently being held, and fans are getting to see a preview of their favorite NFL teams play live. However, what most fans are looking forward to is the official kickoff of the upcoming 2013-2014 season, and tickets are on sale now for the official start of the season.

CTC Football 1

The biggest and most anticipated first game of the season will undoubtedly be the first official game of the season. This game will feature a matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens. The Baltimore Ravens were of course last year’s Superbowl champions and despite several big lineup changes, they are expected to once again have a highly successful season. The Ravens will be taking on another favorite in the industry and longtime rivals the Denver Broncos. The team will be looking to beat out the Broncos and Peyton Manning in this matchup which will be taking place Thursday September 5th in Denver. The game will not only be the first one of the season but it will also be the first televised Thursday Night Football game.

NBA Playoffs and MLB 2013 Season

By David Jacobs | April 23rd, 2013

This week sports fans of all types have their eyes set of the NBA as this week marks the official kick off of the 2013 NBA finals. Over the weekend the first round of play got underway and fans were not shorted when it came to the action. With 16 teams currently competing for a spot as the number one organization in the NBA and to win the Larry O’Brien trophy, there is plenty of action surrounding the current tournament. With popular teams like the Boston Celtics, the New York Knicks, the Brooklyn Nets and the Chicago Bulls, the Miami Heat, the LA Clippers, the Lakers, the Memphis Grizzles, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the San Antonio Spurs and more all playing in the 2013 NBA playoffs there is no denying there is plenty of action to be seen with this tournament. There are tickets on sale now for those who want to get in on all of this basketball action.