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Britney Spears Vegas and Rick Ross News

By David Jacobs | September 17th, 2013

This week, famed rapper Rick Ross made a major announcement about his upcoming tour plans. The performer revealed that he will be heading out on a new tour that will be promoting his upcoming album “Mastermind.” On this new tour, fans of the performer will be able to hear the rapper’s new hits from this record as well as some of his other big hits from his long and successful career in the music industry. This new album is slated for release by the end of the year and will be the rapper’s 6th studio effort. This new tour event will be kicking off on November 12th in Detroit, Michigan. On the tour, Ross will have a live band performing alongside him for every show. Tickets are on sale now for those looking to see Rick Ross perform live.

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Weekend Update

By David Jacobs | November 4th, 2012

While the upcoming Christmas season is bringing a number of new special holiday shows, recent events around the country have also resulted in the cancellation of many live entertainment performances. Some of the most notable cancellations in the entertainment world have come as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Broadway sales have been drastically impacted by the hurricane and caused many shows to get record low ticket sales.

One of the biggest cancellations came from the professional sports world. The new Brooklyn Nets, formerly the New Jersey Nets, were forced to cancel their first home game of the season, which was also their official opening of the Barclays Center. This highly anticipated opening was scheduled to be a big moment for the team and the city as they welcomed the new Barclays center into the Brooklyn area. However, the Thursday season opener was cancelled and fans will be able to get tickets to a makeup game later in the season. The NBA of course isn’t the only league canceling games, the NHL recently announced that they have still been unable to reach an agreement and that games throughout the month of November are officially cancelled and that fans will have to wait until at least December to see their favorite teams take the ice.